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Hear Clear Hearing Center

Hear Clear Hearing Centeris located in Bath Pike, where we help you with hearing aids and accessories. High-end hearing aids come with better service packages and warranties than lower-priced devices. Ultimately, we're trying to use technology to compensate for something impossibly intricate for the human ear. This requires a lot of sophistication and results from expensive research and development and very powerful circuitry in a very compact device.

Hear Clear Hearing Center

About Us

Hear Clear Hearing Center offers comprehensive hearing evaluations and will work with you to find the hearing solution that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget. The staff is trained in the latest technology and offers a complete selection of hearing aids and devices from the top manufacturers. From diagnosis to treatment, and through the life of your hearing instruments, we provide our patients the best care in the industry.

  • Hearing aids in Bethlehem
  • Free hearing exams
  • At home free hearing exams
  • Affordable rechargeable hearing aids
  • Distributing hearing aids
  • Treating you like family
  • Hearing diagnosis
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