Alex Fontes

Alex FontesAs a practitioner at Hear Clear Hearing Center, Practitioner Alex Fontes, is licensed and certified in Pennsylvania for many years and is committed to providing you with excellent patient care, sound hearing health recommendations and state-of-the art diagnostic testing and hearing aid technology.

We want to provide you with a hearing health solution that gives you the very best of service, care and technology at a price you can afford. To this end, we have crafted a unique package of services. We offer the following:

  • The most advanced hearing technologies on the market with 3-year full-service warranty with loss and damage coverage on most hearing aids.
  • 30 day trial period, 60 day trial period on some of our models. Free in-office repairs, cleanings, and adjustments for life.
  • Free hearing test (for the purpose of hearing aid evaluation) and free annual testing.
  • House calls for all patients included.
  • We accept all credit cards and most insurances.

Hearing Loss Questionnaire

  • Do I have a Hearing Loss?

    While the causes, types, and degrees of hearing loss vary, hearing loss symptoms are essentially the same. People with hearing loss typically answer “yes” to the questions below. Please take a moment to ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I hear but have a difficult time understanding?
  • Do I hear sounds but have trouble distinguishing words?
  • Do I frequently have to ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Do I have difficulty hearing over the phone?
  • Do I have difficulty understanding conversations in restaurants and meetings?
  • Does my hearing keep me from enjoying good times with friends and family?
  • Am I embarrassed by my hearing difficulties?
  • Do I have to turn up the volume when watching TV?
  • Do I have particular trouble to hear the voices of women and children?
  • Do I have trouble hearing in movies, concerts, church, and group conversations?
  • If you answered “yes” to at least two of these questions, you might have a hearing loss. We invite you to schedule a complimentary hearing evaluation with our hearing professional to determine the extent of your loss and identify a treatment program.