Signia Hearing Aids

Augmented Experience

Traditionally, hearing aids have processed all sounds under one set of rules. The problem with only having one processor is that all signals are competing against each other. If you prioritize one part, another is neglected.

With Augmented Xperience, two dedicated processors can fully optimize different parts without compromising one or the other. It shapes the sound of speech and surroundings in a way that delivers outstanding speech clarity while making surroundings sound enjoyable.

Focus sounds carry relevant information where every small detail is important, for example the speech of a conversation partner.

These sounds are processed in a highly linear, uncompressed way with emphasis on clarity and details.

This pulls speech closer to the listener so it sounds more clear.

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The perfect fit for perfect fittings

Connexx 9 is the digital hub for our hearing aids. Whether you’re in a consultation, programming hearing aids or offering your customers individual care, Connexx 9 supports you at every step for a fast, efficient, highly intuitive workflow.

First Fit in Connexx configures Signia AX hearing aids to allow the wearer to hear what is important to him or her. The First Fit settings have been carefully optimized to provide a good starting position for each wearer.

The Dynamic Soundscape Processing (DSP) control in Connexx provides a slider to adjust to your patients’ individual preferences. This slider is now more powerful than ever thanks to our new Augmented Focus™ technology.